Class Slide

class slideio.Slide(path: str, driver: str)

Slide class represents slides, normally a single image file or a folder. Slide contains a collection of scenes - separate images.

property file_path

Returns path to the slide file/folder


Get auxiliary image as objecty.


image_name – name of the auxiliary image


Get list of auxiliary image names

get_aux_image_raster(image_name, size=(0, 0), channel_indices=[])

Get auxiliary image as numpy array.

  • image_name – name of the auxiliary image

  • channel_indices – array of channel indices to be retrieved. [] - all channels.

  • size – size of the block after rescaling. (0,0) - no scaling.


Return slide scene by index

property num_aux_images

Number of auxiliary images of the slide.

property num_scenes

Number of scenes in the slide

property raw_metadata

Raw metadata extracted from the slide