The software is cross-platform and should work on Windows10/11, MacOS version 10.14 and above, most of the Linux systems. It is tested on Window 10/10, [Ubuntu] 22.04, MacOS 11. The library provides 2 main c++ calsses:

Installation the library from the source

System requrements:

Execute the following steps to build the library.

1. Install conan package manager

pip install conan

2. Setup SlideIO conan repository

conan remote add slideio-conan-local https://bioslide.jfrog.io/artifactory/api/conan/slideio-conan-local

3. Build the library

python ./install.py -a build

After the successful build you can find all shared libraries in the directory ./build//Release|Debug/bin


SlideIO library provides two c++ interfaces: generic interface and OpenCV based interface. Both of them implement the same functionality. The only difference that OpenCV API expose objects of OpenCV library, generic interface uses only standard c++ classes. See SlideIO c++ API doxygen documentation

Generic c++ Interface

SlideIO generic c++ interface provides 2 global functions slideio::openSlide(), slideio::getDriverIDs() and 2 classes: slideio::Slide and slideio::Scene. Function slideio::openSlide() opens a slide and returns object of class slideio::Slide. The class slideio::Slide exposes methods for accessing of the slide properties including metadata and images. A single instance of slideio::Slide can contain multiple raster images that are represented by slideio::Scene class. Class slideio::Scene exposes methods for working with a single raster image of a slide. The class provides method for accessing to raster data and metadata.

OpenCV Interface

SlideIO OpenCV interface exposes methods for extraction information from medical slides and intensively uses classes of the OpenCV library. The interface exposes the following classes: slideio::CVSlide, slideio::CVScene

Used 3rd party libraries: