Version 2.0.5

We are pleased to announce the release of SlideIO library maintenance version 2.0.5! This release focuses on resolving several bugs that have been reported by our users, specifically those related to rounding errors during strong rescaling of images.

With this new release, users can expect an even smoother experience when working with the library. The fixes for these bugs ensure that images are scaled accurately, eliminating any discrepancies caused by rounding errors.

We highly recommend that all users of the SlideIO library upgrade to this new maintenance release to take advantage of the improvements made. As always, if you encounter any issues or have any questions about this new release, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

SlideIO version 2.0.5 is available for Linux, Windows, and MacOS operating systems with x86_64 processors.

At SlideIO, we are committed to providing reliable and efficient solutions for working with digital pathology images. We will continue to work on improving the library and adding support for new formats in future releases. Thank you for your continued support and feedback.