Version 2.1.0 - Pathology Slide Converter

We are thrilled to announce the release of SlideIO Library 2.1.0, featuring an exciting new addition - the Pathology Slide Converter. With this latest version, users can now convert any slide supported by the SlideIO library to the widely used Aperio SVS format. Key Features of the Pathology Slide Converter:

Output File Format: The first version of the converter converter allows seamless conversion of slides to the Aperio SVS format.

Compression Selection: Users have the flexibility to choose between two compression algorithms, JPEG and JPEG2000, during the conversion process. This empowers users to optimize the file size and image quality based on their specific requirements. Please note that JPEG compression can be selected only for 8bit 1 and 3 channel images.

Selective Conversion: Users can convert the entire slide or specify a rectangular block of interest, offering granular control over the conversion process. This enables focused extraction and conversion of specific regions or areas within the slide.

Aperio SVS Limitations: It is important to note that the Aperio SVS format does not support multiple images within a slide. User can select which image from multi-imagge slide should be converted. Another limitation of the format is missing support 3D and 4D images, therefore only conversion of single Z-slices and time frame is possible.

The introduction of the Pathology Slide Converter in SlideIO Library 2.1.0 expands the capabilities of the library and provides users with a powerful tool for working with pathology slides. Whether you are conducting research, developing medical applications, or collaborating with Aperio systems, the converter opens up new opportunities for leveraging the Aperio SVS format.

Upgrade to SlideIO Library 2.1.0 today and unlock the full potential of pathology slide conversion. Explore the wide range of supported slide formats and effortlessly convert them to Aperio SVS format with ease and precision.

Happy converting and exploring the world of pathology slides with SlideIO Library 2.1.0!