Version 2.2.0 - Introducing image transfomations

We are excited to announce the release of SlideIO version 2.2.0, an update to our open-source library for pathology image analysis. This latest version introduces a range of new features, with a focus on image transformations and expanded filter support. One of the key highlights of SlideIO 2.2.0 is the addition of image transformations. We understand the importance of flexible image manipulation in pathology analysis, and to address this, we have incorporated comprehensive color transformations. With the new color transformation functionality, users can now easily convert images between various color spaces, including grayscale, HSV, HLS, YUV, and more. This allows for enhanced analysis and exploration of different color representations, unlocking deeper insights within pathology images.

Additionally, SlideIO 2.2.0 now offers extensive support for filters through integration with the widely-used OpenCV library. Users can leverage a rich set of filters, including Gaussian blur, median blur, Sobel, Scharr, Laplacian, bilateral, and Canny filters, to enhance image quality, perform edge detection, noise reduction, and other advanced analysis tasks. These filters provide powerful tools to preprocess and enhance pathology images, improving the accuracy and effectiveness of subsequent analysis techniques.

To help you get started with these new capabilities, we have prepared a comprehensive tutorial that demonstrates the usage of image transformations and the supported filters. The tutorial, available at our GitHub repository here, provides step-by-step instructions and code samples to guide you through the process of utilizing these features in your pathology image analysis workflows.